Collision Repair

Collision Repair 
In Burlington, Greensboro & McLeansville, NC

Sometimes, accidents can happen. Even if you are in a minor collision, your car can still suffer exterior damage. If you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle, don't worry! The expert collision repair technicians at L & O Auto Body Repair Inc. can get your car's exterior back to normal and no one will ever know there was a dent.

You may be wondering if a small dent even needs to be repaired. There are a few things to consider when making this decision. Small dents and scratches can still leave your car vulnerable to moisture, which can slowly rust and corrode surfaces over time. This will harm the vehicle's appearance and more importantly, it will harm the value of your car should you go to sell it in the future. Rust can spread into more critical components of your car, compromising the efficiency and life of your vehicle!

Our repair shop always uses the best collision repair technology so you get the best results! When you are finished with us, your car will look as good as new! 
Collision Repair Greensboro, NC

Repair for small or large collisions!

If you are in a larger collision, it is obviously going to be more important to get your car repaired. Luckily for you, we handle collisions of all sizes. Even if you need a completely new door, it's no problem! We can get the proper door, match the paint, and have your car looking brand new again. No one will even know you had collision repair work done. We hope that you are never in a bad accident, but if you find yourself looking to get your car back to normal after a collision, just remember, the pros at L & O Auto Body Repair Inc. are here to help you! Call us today at 336-697-1600!
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